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this is a personal blog. Everything stated/written here represent my own. My blog might not be as interesting as yours. You might not understand some of the post due to its blurry content and the writer herself:) I write things that i feel the need to share with others. Do show some respect.Thank you;)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

we go up,and then down....

I couldnt sleep. I was already on the bed,getting ready to sleep. But the enthusiasm to blog lead me here. Soo here i am.

The year i would say went smoothly. Many many many many things happened consciously, unconsciously; expected, unexpected; fairly, unfairly.

I am speechless. Couldn't put the right words in the right sentence. Its just soo wonderful to be written here. Happy,sad,happy,happy,sad,happy,happy,happy,happy :)

Oh i so love you guys n girls very very the muchie! The year would not have been this fun without you.

The fact that we're not that very close anymore sadden me very very the dalam. How i wish i could turn back time and take back my words. Perhaps,it'll be even more better rite?

The fact that staying very far from my closest friend,really really makes me sangat sangat rinduuuu! Sooo many many many things happened when you're not around. Sometimes,i wish that you're beside me and i talked to you like hours and hours like no ones business.

and the fact that,seeing you almost everyday really really really makes my days. We do many many many things together,in fact,almost everything rite?? haha. Apart from the laughters,there is always tears behind it. We do fight sometimes,but then came to think bout it,funny laa.

Oh saye sangatlaa cinta dengan korg.haha. Sesungguhnye saye sangatlaa terharu mempunyai rakan-rakan seperti kalian.
Otak saya tepu(azril br ajar.haha)dengan pelbagai kenangan terindah bersama2 kalian.

Dear friends,
i applogise if i ever ever hurt you throughout the whole year and throughout the making of this blog,with or without realising it. All i want now is to go through my senior year smoothly and do well for the-very-very-the-final-exam-laa sangat, which you would have known it before i could mention it. and tidak lupe juga untuk melaksanakan my new year resolutions :)

and to the helpful seniors.thank you very very muchie!sayang korg.

and to dear form3s going to form4, form4 is easy.seriously. Dun listen to others. They'll brainwash you. Soo if you get bad result,oh too bad.Work harder!

and of course not to forget,congrats to those who managed to get straight A's for PMR! For the rest,try harder.There's always room for improvement. Let this be a lesson learn for you :)

Ok im done. Off to bed. Nite nite.

Monday, December 29, 2008

ohh kebosanan..

Im Carlisle!and he's hott!! I want Jasper,but i was destined to be part of Carlisle.haha.

Im bored.I want to eat,but im bloated with pizzas.
I want to study,but the book doesnt seem interesting at all.

I dont like my blog skin,but i dunno how to change it to a nicer one using the code thingy.
Cant wait for skul,rinduuu kwn2.

ohh japan..

Since everyone,well not everyone laa,is posting up their homestay trip,i wanna post mine toooo!

Went there during form1.budak2 lg.hahaha.oh,xpakai tudung lg :P

p/s:do we have to do our bm folio fr form5??anyone??and how bout d class list.will it be d same during form4??

p/p/s:i dun like u.ure just soo rude.get a life.i dun deal with racist people.

Friday, December 19, 2008

nothing much

Its been a while since my last post,sorry for the lazy-ness. :P

*Oh yeah,
i love,like,suke,cinta,sayang Twilight.
But unfortunately,Edward Cullen was not as hot as i imagined in the story book by Stephenie Meyer.But but,on the other hand,Carlisle and Jasper are wayyyyy hotter in the movie than in the book.I personally love the story book more because they cut many many many of the scenes from the movie and make the movie sooo hmmmm....cant find the right word now:P

*I've watched The Day The Earth Stood Still.The movie was great,but i dont like the ending.Its a must watch movie.So, go now!

*Cant wait till the school opens.Form 5-SPM-freedom!

*I desperately need money money money! Banyak sales oh,but no money to shop on my own.haih.

*Malas nak buat kak afra punyer tag. :D Soo,nnt jerlaa yer.

*Post nih no pictures,so xbest ritee.So let me upload a few pictures of my favourite and the one during the Beijing trip:D

*more pictures are in my flickr.the link is on the right side of the blog:P

*Everyone is not in a good mood today,better be off now.toodles!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I fell in love with Hobo..

Noo..its not a guy's name.Its a type of handbag.
I've been eyeing for a new handbag and...

Pooofff...I fell in love with these handbags,its just simple and nice but the price was uhhh O_O cekik darah.

Jimmy Choo Alex Suede Hobo

Stella McCartney

Isabella Fiore

Paul Smith Regent Mangrove Crescent

Sherry Wolf Revolution

Kooba Chiara Bag

Juicy Couture Suede Slouch Hobo

Enough for now.Im tired of tahan-ing myself from seeing those bags.
Ohhh moneyy,please grow on trees.Pleaseee.....or or someone soooo generous yg xkisah nk spend their money for me.Heeeeeeee xD

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ahh..rinduuu blog..

Last tuesday youngest bro was admitted in SJMC due to dehydration and vomiting.
Then d next day,around 6 am the other twin was admitted due to d same sickness and so does my dad.

So we spent most of d day at the hospital.Slept there for one night because the sisters were too scared to stay at home.Hahaha.Tak boleh tido.The nurse keep on coming plus the bed sgt keras.xbest.haha

Then,went back home with dearest neighbour yg baik hati.

The next day,all the sisters and mum kne d same sickness,vomiting and pening2 and demam.
Practically,the whole family got infected to the viruses.
But alhamdulillah,we're ok now.The brothers are back home now.Pheww.lega.

Ok den.Im starving.

tagged by ili darling

All things stated are in random positions.

1) Top 10 Favourite Foods:
homemade laksa
sambal sotong arwah nenek buat.pling sedap ok!
and mcm2 xingat skrang xD

2) Top 10 Things I Love Doing :
lepak2 dgn kwn
bazir duit
bazir masa
bace buku/mag xD

3) 5 Things I Love Doing When I'm EMO
xckp ape2
buat semua keje rumah.konon rebel laa
dgr lagu.
menangis kot
sms dgn semua org menyatakan ketidak-puas-hatian diri

4) Top 5 Types of Guys I Adore:
ohh.hmmm.. mau taip:D

5) 5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy :
ketawa sorg2
pg shopping if boleh
call org/sms

6) 5 Things I Wish To Happen :
active during my senior year
krs menang fr kawad kaki
great results for trial and SPM.
travel around d world
dpt byk duit

7) My Top 10 Most Addicted Song : (currently)
Just Stand Up
Next plane home
Bella's Lullaby
Na Man Eh Nuh(korean movie)
stairway to heaven ost song(korean movie)
i like to move it
negaraku and lagu negeri selangor(hahaha.kne bangga tau)
madu tiga.hahahahaha.ughhh...reminds me of d drama.goshhh...

8) 5 People I Wish To Tag
korg yg bace nihh.buat.jgn tak buat:D