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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yo people, its Twelveans' Race not Fear Factor!

Twelveans race was ok.Just ok.Last year was much much better and nicer and physically challenging and considerate and most importantly,respect.

Mid-year exam is in 2 weeks time. Great!

Supposedly pegi theatre Mahsuri this Sunday,but due to tahap kebusy-an ibu bapa,terpaksa dicancel kan,and its actually last minute pun.

I got a new maid! Finally,i dun have to wash dishes,jemur kain,buang sampah etc. Hehe.
Nampaknya saya kena berbahasa BM baku.

Yay! Esok ade keje. Finally i have job to do to earn more bucks rather than spending it :)

I gotta practise my Addmath and read Form5 Sejarah.Oh my,if only i can scan it straight away to my brain.That'll be great.

Can i have either one of these for the coming masquerade dinner please??:)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am soo madly in loveee with this car.

Ahhh...*heart melts*

Mazda 3(i prefer the white one)

and Mazda 6

We have done our best,but they're just too good for us to beat them. We did not win this year. Bomba won the title.

A : weyh semua senyum.ada orang amik gambar
B : dats my mum
A : rajin ek ur mum datang
B : this is wat u call it moral support
A : *sporting oh*

Then, i saw Amalina's mum. Dari pagi sampai balik. Omg, sporting oh. I salute laa those parents yang stay up.

I wonder bler my parents mau datang.Hehe.Oh,its my last year laa.

I am sooo mentally tortured.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I miss Fathihah
I need you now;(

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Terlalu lama nampaknya saya menyepikan diri. Bukan niat saya bertindak sedemikian rupa. Keadaan yang memaksa. Namun begitu, saya akan mencuba sedaya upaya untuk memperbaikinya.

So today,
i've to do presentation for the 3K program to the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pasir Panjang,PD.
As the president of Health Squad,my job is to explain my role as the president and also the duty of the squad members.
Basically,it all went smooth and i did tersasul here and there during the presentation but pandai2 coverlaa.
Next,we have Q&A session. The student,8 of them asked a few questions regarding the squads for 3K.
Later on,we bring them ronda2 around the school.It was fun and tiring at the same time.We,the prefects were sweating like hell weyh.We've been wearing our blazer since morning and until going back time.Wohooo.
They were friendly and outspoken.Getting to know them and their school make me realise that im lucky to be schooling in this wonderful school.
I am proud of my school!:)

Pictures will be posted up as soon as i get it from redaksi.

So,lets see what Aryna have been up to for the past 2 weeks.
*shooting for Health Squad
*kawad kaki
*eating quite a lot
*makan chocolate everyday(stock banyak dalam fridge.hehe)
*wasting time tido sampai lupa buat homework
*do Norton stuff
*3K program
*got chosen to go for masquerade dinner
*study F4 Physic and Chemistry and Biology
*burnt my thumb with boiled water

*join ICAS-science quiz
*cakap dengan diri sendiri:P
*menangis sendirian didalam liver
*makan dalam kelas.haha

Tuh jer kot yang boleh ingat.Till here den.Gudnite!
David A was supposed to come to our school on Friday,and due to certain excuses laa sangat,the headmistress and the HEM doesnt let.Wth?Haihh:(