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Monday, April 28, 2008

camp jati diri.photoshoots.

ok.last in last 2 days laa.
went to camp jati diri.
37 jer yg pergi.mostly chinese cuz dis is under ubk.

and ader dis one guy.
ayyoooo.gler talkative.
he`s in my group.
hahha.ayyoo.i d whole time dok lwn jer dia ckp.
hahha.pastuh dok senyap2.den ketawa2.
hahha.i feel like wanna smack hes face.juz once pun oklaa.hahha.
den.ader jungle sgt2.hahha
ader lintah on my feet.i freaked out dentrus cabut dt thing.omg.gler fobia oh skrang.
it ws nice.
den after dt.blik.
ader gambar but mlz mau upload.

so.arinih ader photoshoot.i am ajk redaksi.photographer weyh:DD
i hv to take care of them.jage them during d photoshoot.
kne pggl dorg.beraturkn dorg.
d whole dy kt dataran.pttnyer stay till 6 but den i nk blik early.
so yeah.went bck at 2.30.

so esok ader kursus kenaikn pangkat sarjan/staf sarjan.
hehhe.jgn jeles.i am now lans koperal.
hahha.proud weyh.

esok update.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

straight from my heart.

lame gler xupdate blog.
being busy lately.

taking piccas fr saringan.sports dy.
and for program 3k

den kawad kaki for krs.d whole last 2 weeks kne practise.

den rehearsel for anugerah cemerlang.
den ader kawad kaki jgak.

so.clss pun cm ader yg tggl.

but still cn catch up.

lagi 2 weeks mau exam.
nk start study weyh.
kalo dpt truk exam kali nih.
no more fun laa after dis.

and yeah.lst week so many things happened.
personal stuff and so did d skul punyer prob.

there ws one day.satu skola boikot.
pengetua kte org membebel gler panjang.
akhir skali jer dh 3 kali dia ckp.
tp xabih2 jgak.
den stiap akhir skali ader perkara 1.2.3 laaa
haiyyooo.membebel jer lebih.
den bler nk abih tuh.kte org tepuk tgn laakn.yelaa dh bebel lame sgt.
pastuh dia ckp.xpyh tepuk kalo xder kejayaan.
hekelleh.blahh arr.
den nxt dy.satu skola boikot tepuk tgn.

so yeah.many things happened.

mcm nihlaa gelora kehidpn skrang.
kjap naik.kjap turun.

sometimes kn.
u feel dt ader org ckp blakang u.
i meant like.depan lain.blakang lain.
haihs.mcm2 laa.
but wtv laa kn.
life must go on.

den.xsalah kn kalo nk kwn kn.
xtaula aper org lain ckp kn. i dt gedik org over.
i reli dont know.

maybe fr me cm biase jer.
maybe bg org lain cm lebih kot.
adoi.xtaulaa nk buat aper.
but seriously.bkanla nk menggedik ker aper kn.
nk rapat.nk kwn.
bkannyer nk buat balak ker aper.

i wished i hv someone dt i cn talk to.

currently missing all my frens yg msuk asrama.
misz them gler2.

depressed gler skrang nih.


*post nih skadar nk meluahkn offence.sorie if ader yg terase ker aper kerkn.*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

krs won!

phewww.after all d trainings.
not enough sleep.

finally.we won.

gler hepi.
syg bdak krs sgt2.

ader gambar tp mlz mau upload kt sni.
byk sgt.

zahir told us kte org bleh wakil daerah after dis.
but den husz ckp kalo laki.laki jer.
kalo prmpn.prmpn jerr.

waaa.sexiest betol!
gedik dan mengada.

klaaa.byk sgt mau citer.
nk tau tanyer sendri jerlaa erk.
xmo tulis kt sni.
hahha.gler hepi weyh arinih.

Friday, April 11, 2008

busy dan penat teramat!

gler letih minggu nih.
byk gler bende kne buat.
latihan kawad krs.
den nk kne amik gambar for program 3k.
photographer skola.
den nk kne tugas pengawas.
pastuh arinih 4 in 1.
tugas prefects.raptai n latihan.amik gambar. and sds fr prefects.
best kot.hahhaa.

byk kali tertido kt bwh as in kt rumahlaa.
kt ruang tamu.hahha
naik msuk blik pun kul 1 lbih.

chow.mau mandi.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

cam whore.!

owh.u noe wt.smlm tgh kemas2 laci.almari n stuff.
hahha.saw dis old camera.belongs to my dad.
hahha.long time ago punyerlaa.
gne film weyh.

so arinih ader sambutan maulidur rasul.
best gklaa.
"someone" jd d pengacara majlis.
hahha.proud of him.dia sgt hot today.
unfortunately.i ws too shy to take picca wit him.
hahha.and aderlaa dis girl.sibok jer nk amk gamba ngn dia.
sabr jerlaa.hahha.desperate.

so den jumpe tyha.
tyha gler rindu u!!
dia br blik frm asrama smlm.
so arinih lepak2 ngn dia.
me n ili ws like berebut nk hug tyha dlu.
nangis weyhh jumpe dia.
so den pegi rumah tyha.
lepak2 kt padang.
ader gambar.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


nuthing best kt sskul.
arinih smngt mau blaja.
hahha.alhamdulillah.oklaa nih.
atleast xtido time free.

den tusyen physic.
quite ok.
kjap faham.kjap tak.

den pegi buat facial.
lst 2 weeks ader pegi.
but den beli ubat dia jer.
so yeah.
painful gler.
since dt muke makin teruk.
mcm2 bende naik.hahha.
but now dh ok dah.