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Monday, September 29, 2008

Those time when we....

Its finally holiday!
and 1 more day til raya.

This ramadhan was full of obstacles and challenges.It seriously test my keimanan.I learnt to be more patience of certain things.but certains are not.
This year also was not the best ramadhan that i've had before.I did not go for any of the terawih.Which is merugikan.Haih.

I would say the last few years were the best that i've ever had.The time when my grandparents are still around.The time when all the siblings and relatives gathered at my grandparents house.The time when we break our fast together.The time when we played bunga api together.The time when i went for terawih with my granma and other cousins.The time when we gathered for barbeque night once a month.and yes.the time when it was pagi raya.Ohhh,how i missed those time.I sometimes wished that i could turn back the time and appreciate those time we spent together.But i know,its impossible.Only the memories of us will always linger in my heart.

I miss my grandpa and grandma!

I miss my granma's sambal sotong.No one can ever compare my granma's sambal sotong.The best ever.
I miss the time when you always called me asking what i want to eat when im going to visit you.and she already knew that i want sambal sotong.I miss the time when we went to bazaar ramadhan and u asked me to pick which kuih did i like.Its sad that u leave us soo early.But i know,ada hikmah behind all these.
and yes,
my granpa too.
You always treat us with ice-cream.and its always a happy moment when we spent time together talking nonsense stuff sometimes.haha.

Ohh well,
im being emotional.Who cares.Its my blog.My post.haha.I really hope this raya would be the same like last few years.But i know it wont be the same.

I shall stop now.hehe.
I would like to wish all the muslims Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir and Batin.
Sorry for all the wrong doings that i did.
and to the non-muslims,
Happy Holiday!

p/s:I think that my refrigerator is the cleanest today among your fridges.Dun be jealous.haha.I cleaned my fridge just now.and im tired right now.

Gtg.Bbye.Have a safe trip balik kampung!


Papa's birthday.


I shall not reveal your age.hahha.
Oh well,
you worked really hard to provide us with the basic needs although you never showed the hardship you went through.We demand for lots of things but you never let us down.
Thank you!
For all the love and sacrifices.
I salute you for your greatness.
I love you,papa!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i wished you were here..

i just want you to know that



Thursday, September 18, 2008


one evening,

adik : papa.adik makan lalat.macam mane nihh??(started to cry)
we all : hahaha.laughing.laughing.
adik : (get soo mad and started to hit everyone.)
mama : nak bg kluar lalat,adik kene berak(eww..)
adik : (cepat2 bukak sluar.den go into the toilet).a few seconds later..maa.xjadik.
we all : haha.wateva.then we do our own business.

later that night,
my sis go and kaco her.she said that she heard the sound of lalat in his stomach.then he get soo mad.haha.then,

adik : paa..adik berak td.
we all : sooo??
adik : jadik lalat tuh dh kluar la.?
we all : hahaha.yeahh..adik nampak tak lalat tuh??(we can't stop laughing).sape suruh xpuase that evening?
adik : i bet this is what he thinks " only 5"

haha.soo basically this is the scenario that happened during the fasting month.

then one fine day,
while talking with faez and ili,

faez : soo.kte org kne choose sape nak join the dikir barat.
me : tuhlaa.lets choose(thinking.thinking.)
ili : oh yeahh.tgklaa kt duty list kan.
me and faez : great idea.

we finally chose 16 people i think to join the dikir barat.

faez : so aku n ili jadik tukang karut laa.
me : doing something castles in the air.
faez : weyh dgr tak.?ade 16 aku n ili.
me : huh??awk and ili.jadik aper?tukang carut??
faez and ili : hahahha.tukang karut laa weyh.
me : manelaa tau bende dikir barat nihh..haih.(u noe kan bende dikir barat nih dorg do the i thought of it laa.hee..)

oh.gtg.need to do my homework.hee.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well,hello there.Im bored rite now.My parents not at home rite now so i get the opportunity to go online.yayy!hahha.

This week,i've been reading the newspapers for like many many times and story book before im off to bed.Thanx to Pn.Lucille who finally made me to read.Yeah.Pn.Lucille!haha.cant believe it im talking about her rite now.

Well,my desire for now is that I WANT TO GO TO A THEATER AT KLPAC!!!
Someone!bring me there!!plizz(in desperate tone..):)

And lastly,
Its finally Ramadhan!.Fasting month for the muslims.I know it have been 10 days of fast and yet im posting about it now.Well people,i dont have the time to blog laa.Im busy sleeping and watching tv:)

oh oh,

SELAMAT BERPUASA TO THE MUSLIMS to go.Im forcing myself to do my homework.haih.

i am everything i am because u loved me