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Saturday, March 29, 2008


arinih skola.
best gklaa.sbb ader koko be4 dt.
kne kawad sgt2.
den ader seni.
kne design baju.xder idea.
nxt week br hantar kt cikgu.

kt kelas cikgu math masuk.
tp xblaja.
hahha.semua mlz.
den play hangman ngn bdak2 chinese since dt my clss 5 org jer malay students.
dorg sgt best.
learned chinese wit jun yi.and seng kean.
played hangman wit jun on.aaron.maisarah.arwina.seng kean.jing tai.ayyub.
best sgt.hahha.
cikgu pun join.

den after dt pn.lucille masuk.
ayyoo.abih semua org kne marah.
yerlaa.semua hilang pegi kelas lain.
dhlaa cikgu tuh cm ari2 period.

6 months laa kne tahan ngn cikgu nih.
seminggu ader 5 mase ngn cikgu.
6 months ader 24 weeks.
24x5=120 mase.
1 mase=40 mins.
120 mase=120x40=4800 minutes ngn cikgu.
1 hour=60 mins
4800/60=80 hours.

lame gak erk.
hahha.xper2.accept jer.aper bleh buat.
dhlaa kelas first.ayyoo.

klaa.maou kluaar jp lg.
ade meeting ngn arwina.payal n maisarah.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


ok.hahha.dis is kinda funnylaa.
not yet a pro. well.juz now ade koko
since dt me n ili n tyha n mahirah joined bowling.
so we juz stayed in skul.duing nuthing.hahha.
mingle around.while d others went to their respective sports club.
tyha xdtg.mahirah?xdtg kot.not sure.

ili n i cm tgh bosan duduk jer.duing nuthing. ili came out wit dis crazy idea.
lari dr skola.which krs.
and hahha.we did!!
ili din expect dt we could do dis.
hahha.yerlaa.kte org kn jenis cm.
jokin jer.hahha

and yeah.we went out.
for real.hahha.adoi.theres a cctv.and wt even worse is dt.
we're prefects!halloo.ader ker prefects cmtuh. yeah.kluar.cross d road.feelin so happyly.

but unfortunately.hahha.kantoi ngn bdak form 5.
budak krs.hahha.dhlaa pkai baju krs.obviously they cn see us.
so dt fellure, xtgk pun muke dia.hahha.xmo tunjuk muke.
dia jerit kt kte org.kte org cm.omg.kantoi.
so terpksela pegi kedai.beli somethin.den dtg blik skola.
luckily during krs.diorg x cam muke kte org.hahha

and yeah.we learned a lesson.
hahha.if u wanna ponteng.jgnlaa pkai baju skola.
dgr tuh tau.

then dh blik rumah.
ade fashion show kt shah alam.
met peter.hahha.he showed me aunti rosita's new camera.
and i played wit his camera.
yeah.sgt cun.i wnted dt camera so bdly.eventhough i hv a d40.
hahha.yeah.i'll get it soon.
juz wait n see.

hee.well.i thnk dts it for now.
gt work to do.

oh2.check out peter's website
and my flickr too

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

busy laa today!

so ok.arinih cm biase.
pagi tugas.pastuh dh msuk kelas around 8.15 kne kluar plak.

5 org frm my clss jer pegi including me.
pegi dewan.tgk public speaking.

and den.theres dis one guy.hahha.
gempak gler english dia.hes a malaylaa. impressed.hahha.
sw him many2 times kt all dis pertandingn.
since dt i wakil syarahan lst year kt smksu.
saw him.and den jumpe lg dia kt my skul.wakil debate.
hes a debater.salute dia laa.
he won 1st place.hes frm smk seksyen 17. dia suhaib.tuh jer tau.hahha
and sarah our school's participant won 2nd place.

den blik.
ingat mau gi latihn rumah skan.
pastuh bler dh siap hujan lebat plak.
ayyoo.den xjd pegi.follow my mumpegi summit.dia mau amik baju.
den blik.hahha.

yayy.esok cuti.
but den sejarah ader gler byk hmwk.
kne submit by friday.

hahha.klaa.chow.nih jer mau cter.
anything update lter.

Monday, March 17, 2008


here r some of d piccas during d shirt painting.

yeah.jemur kt atas bumbung.
had so much fun.
nnt nk sambung buat bhgn depan plak.

owww.hot2.sgt hot.

ini hari arr.byk panas woo.
hahha.ayyoo.dh ikut dh ili ckp.

so sgt panas.
hahha.kt skola pun dok bwh kipas still panas.
maybe becuz im hot.
hahha.prasan jerk lebih.

arinih dpt result kt skola.
stakat nih 3 jer A1.
physics dpt b atau c.
hahha.xtau lg grading dia.
blaja last minute.
so.aper2 jerla kn.

klaaa.chow.update later.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

damn.esok skola! and spm 10 A's??

when i woke up dis mornink.
i wished dt tomorrow is still a holiday.
waahaa.but unfortunately.
as d day passed through.the time will come.
kinda feel like xsedap hati.
yerlaa.masuk skola.pastuh dh result utk exam.
dlm byk2 subjt. sejarahlaa pling confident.
yg lain2.xtaulaa.insya allah bleh survive lg.
hahha. tyha sms-ed me last nite.
dia dpt 2nd intake mrsm.
kt kuantan.lucky her
congratz tyha!

so br dpt news from my mum.
my cuzin dpt 10As which means straight As for her spm.
waahaa.jeles2.tergugat dowh.
semua straight As jer.upsr.pmr and now spm.
gler gempaklaaa.
since dt result dia bgus.i need to work hard.
hahha.tgh bersemangat nihh.
yerlaa xnak memalukn diri.adik dia same age ngn me. u imagine kalo dia dpt As lg byk den mine.
furthermore.(hahha.blaja nihh)i took 2 extra subjects.
akauns and seni.
lg tambahla beban.but its ok.cabaran.hahha.
xper2.from now on.less fun more work.
hahha.yer2 jer.insha allah.
i'll try my best.

klaaa.chow.esok skolaaa.
cnt wait actuli.eventhough cm mlz jer.

Saturday, March 15, 2008



viewla my flickr.

keboringan teramat

arinih ader cuzin's weeding.
xknl sgt pun dia.
nvr talk to him not even once.
sedare jauh.tah paperlaa.

then dh blik.cuzins dtg.
diyana.stay overnight kt my hauz.

sms-ing ngn haikal.hahha.
since morning till nite.hahha.
hahha.tuh jer yg buat arinih.

Friday, March 14, 2008


affan clled me.
dia br blik asrama.dia cll laa ader dpt 2nd intake tak.
and mcm2 laa cter.
agk lamelaa ckp2 ngn dia.

then amirul plak cll.
hahha.semata2 nk bgtau dia dpt 2nd intake.
dia ckp jgn rindu tau.
eiii.xderlaa nk rindu sgt.
kt skola byk crik psl aderlaa.

then cll tyha.dia still kt kampung.
ingat mao ajk dia main bowling.
then cter2 laa psl mcm2 laa.

then cll ili.
ketawa2 kuat2.
psl aper erk??
hahha.yeah.psl keje dia.
and br learn new words from ili.

then mlm kul 1 lebih.main2 miscll ngn cuzin.
rindu gler same dorg.
hahha.then dh give up.
cll jer dia.
agknyer jiran sblh nih pkir org sblh dia nih gler.
yerlaa ketawa kuat2.hahha
lame gaklaa borak2 ngn dia.
kredit tolak 11 ringgit cuz lupe nk buat hotlink super savers,
hahha.but nvm.

klaa.chow.update nnt!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

ice lemon tea muchh??

hahha.u noe watt.
waktu pegi kuantan.
i drank like.4 bottles of ice lemon tea.
and 2 cans of ice lemon tea.
hahha.samelaa lemon tea jgak.
hahha.nikmatnyer dpt minum ice lemon tea.

and mlm after i juz got bck from kuantan.
tgk dis hindustan movie.hahha.
my sista yg tgk jerlaa kn.
and2.jumpe dis hot.cute guy. n my sista ws like. amik gambar dt guy.
and so dis r d piccas.

cuti2 malaysia..

so.yay.juz got bck from kuantan.
holiday kot.
my dad ader kte org ikut jer. still best.

1st dy nuthing muchlaa.we stayed at hyatt hotel.
xbest.bilik dia sponsor kn.
then ptg.
jalan2 jer kt bandar.

nxt adik jumpe kwn dia.ayah dia keje same ngn my dad.
diorg gi swimming.
wit my lil bro.while my dad main volleybll ngn kwn2 dia.
then jalan2 kt pantai.
ader gambar.

then.jln2.kt park.
around d hotel.
main sgt.hahha.
jakun tol!

then blik.
mlm ader dinner wit dad's frens.
company punyer family r invited.

then d nxt dy.
buat aper erk??
owh.yeah.jalan2 kt bandar.
then blik pun almost 5.
so pegi swmming.
heee.jumpe mt salleh hot.
our beach bll asyik pegi kt dia punyer side
hahha.and dt guy like bg jer dt bll.
we all like laughing2.even him.
hahha.ok dh tuh jer.
then jalan2 lg kt pantai.
but dis time duduk kt pasir.since i dun reli like laut.
hahha.fobia dowh.
then build sand castle.
not me adik.hahha
then2.jumpe rainbow.yayy.
lawa gler.
i din bring my camera yg besar gedabak tuh.
rugi dowh.
so yeah.dis is d picca.
using camera phone.
xberkualiti sgt.hahha.

and then.makan kt luar.mlm tuh.
then nxt dy blik
ikut genting highlands.
pening.hahha.nk muntah.xjd.
but my lil bro plak muntah.
hahha.then blik around 7.40.

pheww.rindu gler ngn my shower.shower shampoo. laptop.
then demam plak.selesema.
klaa.choww.upate later.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

shirt painting.bowling n in desperate need of a bf! :D

so yeah.last friday.
me and ili pegi rumah tyha.
buat shirt painting.
best sgt.

ader gambar.nnt post kn.cuz gambar kt ili.

so after dt.
pegi sunway.
main bowling.
mule2 pegi xder lane.
so kte org jalan2.
and then stop kt ice skating rink.
jumpe sorg laki hot nih.
me n ili cm tgk2.ketawa2.ckp2 bout dt guy.
almaklumlaaa.both cm tgh desperate nk bf.
we spend like half an hour kt stu.tgk dt guy.

so bler lame2 tuh br sedar.kte org bazir mse kt stu.
so pegi blik kt bowling area.
nk gak main kne tggu kt waiting list.
so yeah.dh dpt lane.
we both main 4 games.
first 2 games cm ok jer score.
pastuh makin lame makin teruk.adeih.
hahha.yerlaa kn.tgn dh lenguh kn.
hee.salahkan tgn!!!
and then time nk blik mansoor dtg.adeih.lambat sgt dtg.
bowling pun dh abih.
so sempat blanjer dia aiskrim mcd jer.
soo.arituh cm gler best.
shirt painting and then bowling,.
ader gambar.upload nnt yer.
heee.ili xbg lg laa.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


la la lal lalla la la lallaa

add math.add math.add math!!

hari nih blaja add math.tusyen.skul.kt rumah.
adoi.esok exam add math.waahaa
no idealaa.daaa.chow.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


hey.miss me??
lame gkla x update skrang nih.busy woo.
skrang nih ptg ader jarang nk on9.

ok so yeah.nih yg latest.
pn.shirley asked me to bring my camera.
sbb esoknyer ader anugerah 8a.
hehe.i amik anugarah dpt sijil jer.ayyoo.blerlaa nk dpt our 200 bucks.
nk pegi shoppin nihh.pengetua dh 3 kali ckp kte org dpt xdpt2.lg.
hisshh.mau saman jer.hahha.yer2 jer.
ader gambar.nnt post.

and then ptg ader bowling.
actuli utk koko.but then koko me.n ili n mahirah pegi jer.
kt sunway.practice utk msss.hahha.
n yeah.we had soo much fun.
main ngn roy.terjumpe dia kt ajk dia main skali.
and then out of nowhere. nmpk nick abraham.
tgh tgk kte org main bowling.hahha.pastuh trus bola masuk longkang.
hahha. ayyoo.
dia melarikn diri dr asrama.semata2 nk tgk kte org main bowling.waaa.cun2.
lgpun dia ade mlm dia juz kluar awl.
lepak2 ngn dia.hahha.x abih2 kne buli ngn kte org.
kesian.ape nk buatkn.dia sorg jer laki.
hahha.ok2.end story.

so today plak.
ader sgt. masuk kelab seni.lukis2.borak2.
and then tangkap2 gambar kt tangga.
ader gambarnyer tp kt sabar erk.nnt letak.
pastuh krs bestt sgt.
dis year lg lg lg best drpd last year.
we had so much fun.buat kawad.all d tepuk2.
and buat banana dance.i ws chosen as one of d best.yaay.
kne buat kt depan bdak2 agak malu.
tp ape kisahkn.aryna maner tau malu.

so after dt.
me.tyha.ili pegi giant.nk carik plain tshirt nk buat shirt painting.
jumpe.for 3 of us.colour pink tuhh.
pastuh nk carik mansor punyer susah.sbb laki punyer baju colour pink xlawa.
so dh carik2.xjumpe.we decided to go mydin. adoi.kne jalan kaki.
ade jumpe tp too small plak.ayyyaa.
so dh frust.pegi carik fabric paint plak.
so we found it.but then cm xcaye jer.sbb murah sgt.yerlaa mydin kn.
so xjd beli.

dhtuh.kte org jalan from mydin to summit plak.pegi ace hardware.
wallaawhh.penat gler.kaki dh sakit.hahha.
ade jumpe fabric gler mahal.small bottle jer dh 9.90. xjd kte org pegi reject shop.dh frust sgt xjumpe colour pink.
we decide to buy white plain colour shirt.
pastuh tulisan dia br buat pink.oklaa tuh.
pastuh carik plak fabric paint.pegi kt mph pkir2.
pegi kt popular plak. we bought 5 bottles of differ colour.

so dh lame2.crik2.pkir2.
then blik.mak tyha amik.
pastuh kt rumah tyha buat experiment dlu.
yerla takot2 rosak nnt.

esok nk pegi rumah tyha.buat paint tuh.
but then my mum xbg.sbb nxt week ade exam.
huhu.kne study.ayyoo.
hurm.klaaa.chow.till here den.daaa.