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Friday, June 27, 2008

my afiq sayang! afiq sayang demam since sunday.
dt time we were supposed to be having fun wit him at sk usj 12 skul.
since dt we hav to bertugas der.take care of d litte children.haha
dts y we hv to bring afiq along since dt he understand kids better.
yalaa.wit his childish n manja2 behaviour.haha.comel ok.
and afiq.dh start dh prasan.kembang kempis hidung.
but den afiq xjadik pegi.
ili told me dt afiq demam.
so i thought cm.oklaa demam jer.
den after 3 days xbaik2 lg.
demam panas plak tuh.for 3 days.
risau gler.
den2.on wednesdy he ws admitted into d hospital.
kne dengue.
dt time we were duing our addmath
den biler afiq sms-ed me dt he ws admitted.
trus xder mood nk buat addmath.setengah jam worried gler2.
my heart ws pumping like hell.
venacava.veins semua cm terkejut.haha

den d nxt day.afta physics tuition.
we went straight to hospital.
bukak jer pintu.first thng yg i nk tgk.
kesian xde energy pun time kte org jumpe.
we stayed der fr almost 2hours.
borak2.waah.terubat rindu.
waa.gler rindu u laa.
skul is not dt fun without u around.
cpt2 baik.

den today,.
afiq told me dt platelets level dia dh naik.
drpd 39 naik to 40 out of 100.
oklaa tuh.ade improvement wat.

hurm.actuli byk lagi nk citer.
kalo nk dgr lagi best,
ask me personally laa.
nk tulis kt blog byk sgt.
xtau nk strt cmner

get well soon syg.
rindu u sgtsgtsgt...
nk tgk u tawaf kantin lg.
nk lepak2 kt kantin ngn u n ili lg.
cpt2 baik syg.!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

a week..

since dt i hv not been updating my blog fr quite long.
tho its juz 1 week.haha.lama laa tuh.
let me write it briefly frm monday til sunday.

nuthing much.
as jer.
den ade taklimat fr melaka trip.
went to melaka fr RIMUP.
there were 4 schools who went der together wit us.
since dt itss fr RIMUP.rancangan integrasi utk perpaduan.
so i went der wit arwina devi.
we went to..urmm..haha..ntah..dh lupe.
d girls were cam whoring d whole dy.
haha. nk citer.
ntah.xtau buat aper kt skola.
blaja as usual i thnk.
open day.
had fun wit ili n afiq.
we sat at d canteen fr like 3 hours.
yeah.gud spot fr lepaking.
well actuli ders alot to write.but den ili olredi wrote it in her blog.
den bace jerla kt situ kn.hahha.
friday ws quite a busy dy.
got meeting fr d ajk of RIMUP.
i hv to handle d pembayaran and pendaftaran.
so i hv to go all around d school n giv out d RIMUP`s borang.
went fr koko.
we hv to paint our prefect`s room.
be4 dt wan shin told us if anyone of us got extra brushes fr d painting thingy.
so me..instead of bringing paint brushes fr wall.
i brought brushes fr..u noe lukisan dlm A4 paper.
haha.xtau nk describe cmner.
i thought its gonna be mural painting.hahha.
wrong information.
went to sk usj 12`s hari keluarga.
hv to bertugas.KRS k.
quite fun laa.
jalan2.jage d crowd.and bla bla.
mls dh nk citer.
kalo nk bace.try bukak kt page ili.
she wrote details la.if she hv updted it.
afiq.get well soon syg!
pastuh bleh gi skola.
den cn lepak2 lg k.

till here den.daaaa..

Monday, June 16, 2008

tagged by fana.

1. At what age do you wish to get marry ?
hmm.26.27 perhaps.haha.

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you ticket ?
around d worldd!!

3. What's your favorite thing to do ?

4. Do you think that money can buy happiness ?
no.not reli.tho nuthng`s free in dis world.

5. If you have one dream to come true , what would it be ?
all my wishes came true.

6. Do you believe that you can survive without money ?
neah.i reli do need money.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most ?
someone dt i loved soo n frens.n moneyy.haha.

8. If you win 1 million , what would you do ?
buy everythng dt i wnt frm my wishlist.haha.den go jalan2 laa.

9. How would you describe the person you like at the moment ?
caring.different frm others.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
need a dslr camera so badly.haha.talkative.i guessed.frenly.

11. What do you want right now ?
evrythng dt i wnt la.

12. If you could rewind , would you ?
depends la.

13. What's your ambition ?

14. What are you wearing right now ?
tee and pants

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life ?
Allah(god).family n frens.

16. If you could undo doing one mistake in the past , what would it be ?
got la.mane bleh bgtau.suke suki jer.

17. If you have a chance to change , which part of your character would you like to change ?
ntah.perhaps my blurness.haha.

18. What music you have been listening recently ?
hanya engkau yg mampu-aizat, hampir ke situ-mendua.
all d acoustic songs. frm fana`s page.sriously sedap.xtau d tajuk:D

19. What is the one thing you cannot do but you wish you could ?
go fr debate competition and ape2la yg swaktu dgnnye.

20. Did you love someone with all your heart ?
of course laa:D

I was force to tag :

oh my lil bro..

haha.dis is my lil bro.
he is so called so strong laa.
look at wt he did juz now.
im lucky enough to take dis pic when he did dis.
d funny thing is.he dunno how to get down.
he shouted fr help.haha.
padan muke sape sruh panjat.haha.
and den.d other twin pun nk nyibok gakla dlm gambar.
so i took la d picca.haha.

oh.gtg.going to melaka 2morrow.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


ptg td nuthing much bende nk buat.
my parents kluar.pegi jogging la kot.

den later dt nite.
went to sbg parade.
since dt i teringin nk mkn pizza.
so we went to eat pizza.
kire cm celebrate father`s dy laa.
we n my other 2 adiks blanje our parents.
so here r some of d piccas.

papa n mama

xsempat nk amik picca wit my other sis.since dt she sat juz opposite i took dis pic without her knowing it:p face looked so tembam.haih.

oh.gtg.need to finish my sajak.hopefuli menang.hee.daaaa....

Happy Father`s Day!

hepi father`s day to my dearest papa!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

2nd week of hols..


went fr 2syen n after dt went fr NIE meeting.
met atira.atiyah n some other frens.
atira.lame gler xjumpe dia.rindu gler kt dia.


went to cuzin`s hauz.
lame gler xjumpe dorg.
n i tgk dorg nyer ikan keli.
kt kolam.haha.bestt.
den my dad nk dt fish.
so dorg tangkaplaa.
i tried laa.but den ikan tuh cm gerak2 jer.

den balik umah.
ikan tuh stil alive.haha
so here it is.n of course la its not moving cuz dis is juz a picca.
nk videokn but den ikan tuh cm dh xgerak.haha.


went to ili`s hauz.
den we cooked tomyam.

den after dt.we went to fathihah`s hauz.
eat muffin.yummyy.
serious sedapp.
den.we went to padang infront of her hauz. whoring.den borak2. here r some of d piccas

oh anisa.
thnx fr d cake lapis dt u gav us.
sgt sedapp..

nuthing much.
duing stuff.
and haha.
berangan wit my new prefect`s uniform.
gosh.esok nk skola.
cnt wait fr d result.(sarcastic weyh)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

newspaper article bout yuna.

hepi bday sara!


syg u.muahmuah.


so on wednesdy.yesterdy laa.
ili.fathihah n i went to pyramid.
we went fr movie n bowling.
and den eat at jco n takoyaki kot.(dun reli noe d name)

den we took pictures at d booth.
gahaaa.i din scan d pictures yet.
so juz waitlaa.

i saw many old frens of mine kt pyramid.

den later dt nite
went out fr dinner at secret recipe wit afiq.
ili pun ader.
fun weyhhh..
thnx afiq cuz blanje us!
syg u weyhhh.haha.
nxt time we blanje u pulak k.

theres picca wit ili n i only.
wit afiq xsempat nk amik.
busy talking.haha.
sorie afiqq..

parliamentary debate workshop.

2nd and 3rd jun.
arwina n i went to debate workshop. first i ws kinda lazy laa to go there.
yelaa.we both dun reli hv detail informations.
den after we went there. gler!!seriously.
so here are some of the pictures.
we had fun debating.hahha.
d tajuk ws funny laa.
like arnab lebih baik drpd kucing.
n stacy lebih baik dari mila.kanak2 perlukn doraemon.
n some other topics yg more serious.

and2.i got d 2nd best speaker fr 2 times.
hahha.proud weyhh,.
hopefuli dis workshop wil be held again to improve my debating skills.
and2.hopefuli i cn be a good debater.hahha.amin.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

pictures in kedah

written der on d sign case u din see.jalan langgar.
ever heard of dt be4??

ikan pekasam.famous in kedah.i thnk.


officially photographer! hahha.