Dear readers,
this is a personal blog. Everything stated/written here represent my own. My blog might not be as interesting as yours. You might not understand some of the post due to its blurry content and the writer herself:) I write things that i feel the need to share with others. Do show some respect.Thank you;)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear loyal readers,(if i have any)haha
sorry for the lack of update.Been busy lately plus blogspot is getting boring.haihhh..

Exam is next week.

This flu is getting worse. No mood to study dah.Haih.
I really really hope by Monday the flu is gone. Gone!

I want to go to Jason Mraz concert!
But its during exam week. Haih.

I wonder what soo interesting bout Upin and Ipin movie. The tickets are all sold out. Anyone care to share it with me??

I think im short. Am i?? or the average type? Heee...I am 158cm height. Is that considered short?? I just need to know.

Should i take my licence-(br sdar d spelling error.haha*updated) now or after SPM?? Anyone?? *cricket sound*

I want to eat but everything seem soo tasteless. Sigh.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Im officially 17 years young:)

Happy Birthday to me!

Im legal.Wohoooo!

Thank you for all the wishes,cards and birthday pressies!

Will update bout my birthday celebration later.Very the lazy to upload the pictures now.Heeee..

Love you guys to bits:)Muahhh..


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have a goodie good mood today. Infact,im hyper and high(after eating many2 bars of chocolate last night xD),haha,until after somebody spoils it.Urghh..Right after recess time's over,i din layan nor talk to anyone.Haih.Sorry.

Thats it for now.Bbye.Update later.No mood.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Longest Word in English Language

After Aaron,my classmate and also known as the walking english and science encyclopedia,haha,introduced us the oh-so-longest-and-hard-to-pronounce-word during the spelling bee game,i am eager to find more of the longest word.and while reading sis' frens' blog,i saw this!

Watch this!

My god,never thought the existence of those words.
Use it in your essay,it surely make up half of ur page.Confirm A1! Haha.

Some of the words i managed to write it down.


*taking a deep breathe*



the 2nd video im not really sure bout it.saje2 letak.heeee:D

Sunday, February 8, 2009






nak memotivatekan myself.heeee;D
Today is 8th February 2009.Due date for BM folio is on 16th February.I have not even started any single words pun.Oh my God. I thought that the dateline(more like deadline.haha)is on 28th.Arghh..Now that i only have 16-8=8 days!! 8 days to do the folio. Well, not a big thing because i usually do my work last minute.haha.and whatnot,i dont even have the reference book.*great*.So now,how am i going to do my folio.Hmmm??

This morning,went to KL.Hunting for mum's shoes i think and household equipments.

Then,went to Da Vinci. My god.The moment you entered the place,you feel that you're in The White House.The italian classic furniture,the lighting,the carpet. My god. The sisters got bored and started camwhoring. and and we saw this huge mirror like the one in Harry Potter movie,the first one.xingat ape name dia and it cost RM 87,500.00!murahnye!xda yang lagi murah ker??haha.
I really really really like the mirror. Sorry,no picture of it laa.Cant take any picture there except kat dalam lif and depan lif.haha. Whoaa..Imagine one huge mirror in your room.Cool!

dalam lif
depan lif.haha
and and i desperately want this kind of checkered kemeja.Found one,very nice fit but its not red.i want it this:

this one was taken in sunway pyramid if im not mistaken.xingat brand ape.heee

and hmm,what else to blog about??

oh yeah.KRS!
best sgt.eventho penat jerit2.and whoaa.first time jerit suruh all the ahli duduk diam.agak kelam kabut la.sbb no planning week we'll do preparations.

afiq- "i never seen u like that."(lol)
ili - hmm.lupe dh line dia ape.haha
the rest- @_@

and the seniors xstrict??sapelaa tuh ckp ekk.karang nnt marah melebih,strict melebih trus xdtg.kalo ikutkan mmg nk strict sgt.sape lambat jek kene pumping.lambat berbaris ker,lambat datang ker,kuku panjang ker,xpkai baju krs ker.nak jer xperlaa.first day kan.the coming week we'll be even more watch out!!

and oh oh,
presenting yours truly,


I guess,thats it for now.Talk later yaa.Bbye!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its February.

A friend once said "if you want something,you list 'em out".
and here it wishlist.heeee:D

My 17th birthday's wishlist.
I'm turning 17 and here are my 17 wishes.

1. Vest.
2. Checkered kemeja.
3. Jewellery hanger.
4. Make up brush set.with d bag also.heeee:D
5. Victoria's secret perfume.
6. Acrylic nails/fake nails(French manicure)
7. Body shop bath set/hair set
*bath set-strawberry,pink grapefruit,passion fruit;D
*hair set-guarana berry;D
8. Nike bottle,d transparent pink/purple colour
9. More thumbdrive or new laptop;D
10. A car;D
11. To see Oprah,Victoria Beckham n Angeline Jolie's twins n all d Man Utd players;D
12. More income$$$
13. Chocolate/marble cheese cake from secret recipe with 17 candles on it;D
14. Stationary set to do all my work cuz i keep on loosing my eraser,compass and pens
15. Graph papers and colorful papers for math and addmath and folio.heeee;D
16. New dslr.heeeee;D
17. Go for breakfast/brunch/lunch/high tea/dinner/supper with loved ones

I think,thats it for now.will update more.heeee;D